Background Screening Seminar

Over 100 background screening companies have paid millions of dollars in damages to plaintiffs’ attorneys and fines to government agencies for illegal background checks. Their reckless actions branding innocent applicants as sex offenders, drug dealers and violent criminals, resulted in millions of applicants being denied jobs and a place to live.

As fallout, uninformed companies paid millions in damages as victims because they paid no attention to the FCRA procedures and the bogus results reported by the background screening companies.

Hank presents a fast-paced seminar based on actual case histories. Attendees learn what dominant tenant screening companies, such as RentGrow, Yardie, and RealPage did wrong, which resulted in applicants receiving millions in damage awards. They also learn what companies like Home Depot, Walmart, Starbucks and other major corporations did to incur damages that ran into the millions.

The seminar explains the benefits and pitfalls of Tenant and Purchaser Background Screening in light of the requirements and penalties of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Attendees learn the prerequisites of a FCRA compliant release for a Consumer/Credit report and the necessity for its use in light of class action lawsuits resulting in massive damage awards.

All types of Criminal, Civil and Database searches are discussed: county, state, federal and international.

Recent court cases involving prosecutions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as well as private lawsuits concerning negligent tenant screening are reviewed. Important FTC permanent injunctions are examples are discussed

Various types of Verifications, e.g., Landlord, Driver’s License, Employment, etc.  will be considered on a cost/ benefit basis.

The most prevalent violations of the FCRA are presented.

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